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How Often Should You Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected?

A commercial roof like this one will stay safe as long as you have it regularly inspected.Running a business includes so many tasks. From your marketing to your financial planning, you’ve got to work hard to succeed. Your commercial property is one of the most important assets that you have. Failing to look after your property could leave you with plenty of costly issues. To maintain your building, you need to have your commercial roof inspected.

In this article, we will go over some tips for what you need to know about commercial roof inspections.

1 . How often should you have your commercial roof inspected?

Roofing guidelines suggest that you have your roof inspected twice a year at least. You should have your roof inspected when the summer season ends, and again when the winter season ends. Some commercial property owners prefer to have their roofs inspected every month, (particularly after there have been extreme weather events). It’s recommended that you have your roof inspected after storms, heavy rain, or high winds.

2. How often should I maintain my commercial roof?

It’s important to properly maintain your commercial roof, to keep it in great condition. Your commercial property is an incredibly valuable asset. Failing to maintain your roof could leave you with costly damages to your building and equipment. Your roof will require light maintenance work every 5 months or so.

3. How can I maintain my commercial roof?

To maintain your commercial roof there are many different areas that you’ll need to check. Firstly, you’ll need to check the roof coating and remove loose materials or debris. If the roof coating is starting to crack, this will need to be repaired. You’ll also need to check your roof drainage system. The system needs to be kept clear of any blockage. You’ll also need to inspect the HVAC unit to make sure it’s functioning and secure. It’s best to call in qualified roofing contractors to inspect your roof and make the correct repairs.

4. What are the signs that I need my commercial roof inspected?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your ceiling is stained or sagging? This means that you’ve got leaks in your commercial roof. If you do not deal with the problem, the ceiling issues will worsen over time. You might also have noticed unusual odors or mold? These are also signs that you could have a leak into the roof. If the shingles of the roof are curling or cracking, this is also a strong indication that your roof needs maintenance work.

5. How do I arrange a commercial roof inspection?

To arrange a commercial roof inspection, you’ll need to call a reputable roofing company. It’s best to choose a service with plenty of experience and expertise.

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